Why is Ektachrome so important


We have all been expecting Kodak to drop Ektachrome in the market for two years and now after an infinite amount of teasers we have it at most stores and soon everywhere, but there is so much more to the fact that Kodak has reinvented their slide film. And dont expect it to be an exact copy of the original E100G its a reinterpretation as Kodak didn’t have access to the old chemicals and so it has had to redo it to look as similar as possible.

Kodak Alaris

As many know its only coming in Super 8, 16mm motion picture film and 35mm rolls for still photography. And we should thank Kodak Alaris for that 35mm format as Kodak wasn’t going to market the still photography market at first. As many ignore when Kodak filled for Chapter 11 they spilt into a few different “Kodaks”. Kodak Alaris is the one to take care of sales and distribution of still photography products and Kodak in Rochester make the film and sales of motion picture stock. So when Alaris heard of the Ektachrome launch they pushed to have 35mm an option.


But why is it a big deal we get a new E6 emulsion in 2018, well as Fujfilm has been diminishing their film options and labs have stopped their E6 lines developing a roll of slide has become so much harder. At the moment except for the new Ektachrome, Fujifilm is the only other slide manufacturer. So Kodak making E6 again ensures we will see labs continue offering E6 as an option and chemistry will keep running. The news about Tetenal having some troubles has been a shock as we see E6 back in the shelves. Hopefully this will make users take their cameras out again and shoot some transparencies.


The announcement of Ektachrome is critical to Ferrania as they wanted to bring slide back and couldn’t be rushed to do it. They now have less pressure to drop their products as E6 will stay for a little longer, this will help them concentrate on easier emulsions and work slowly towards a great slide film.

So go out and buy some Ektachrome, shoot away and send it to a lab or buy a E6 kit and do it yourself. Its important Kodak (any of them) sees that its been a great move and maybe bring 120 Ektachrome out too.


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