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2017 has been a great years for film users. We have seen big announcements like JCH Streetpan in 120, Bergger Pancro in 135 and 120 and so many others. But before we end the year a newly named* company called Silberra has dropped a crowdfunding campaign to fund their new films**.


Yes multiple emulsions are being produced by them you have 3 PAN films plus a limited edition PAN200. These will come in 135 and 120 format.

  • PAN50
  • PAN100
  • PAN160
  • PAN200
©Silberra PAN50

And also ORTA film which is at beta-test phase now: black & white negative orthochromatic film based on totally new emulsions, and it will be available in 135, 120 and sheet films starting from 4″x5″ and up to 8″x10″.

  • ORTA25
  • ORTA50
  • ORTA100
©Silberra ORTA80

But they are not stopping there and research and development is already on its way to a PANII and other emulsions. Apart from making a variety of chemicals they have been selling for years, you can see it all at their website. You can check many results on their Instagram.

©Silberra PAN160 Box

Their goals are (taken from their campaign):

1) We need to make small semi-automated packaging line (or to subcontract one) to produce enough films to meet your demand (and we shall do it fast, for you not to spend years in waiting).
2) We need to place order for corresponding amount of the beautiful cardboard boxes for Silberra film and it means that we need to buy it in wholesale quantity.
3) To start mass market manufacturing of ORTA film we need to buy substrate with all the properties that will suit us: anti halation layer, anti curling layer, and substrate shall be thin enough and yet reliable.
4) To run 120 Type manufacturing for all the films we need either to contract third-party manufacturing line or to create small semi-automated manufacturing line of our own;
5) We need R&D funds to go on with PANII (panchrome) emulsion and IC (isochrome) emulsion engineering. Every job must be paid, and scientific one shall be paid well.

There are just two co-founders of Silberra: Vladimir Vishnevsky, professional photographer, and Konstantin Shabanov,professional manager.

*They have been in business since 2009 but just recently named the project Silberra.

**Actually they have already developed some of the film and need help with the packaging line, and other needs. Check the goals.

The campaing here:

Their website here:


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