Where is the Kodak Super 8?


CES 2016, Kodak announces a new Super 8 camera and everyone goes crazy. They keep showing the new camera and announce Ektachrome will be back too in Super 8. The details where that we would have two editions, a limited edition in gray or a standard edition in black or white. They gave prices at around $2,000 and said it would ship in spring 2017…

But we are ending 2017 and no camera or film are available at all. We have seen a Girl video using the Kodak camera and some hints of the Ektachrome being made. But so far nothing else.

But a few days on social media we saw that now we can subscribe to an email list to have updates on the Super 8 camera. So here is the link for you users that can’t wait like we can’t wait to see this be made a reality.

Link: https://www.kodak.com/US/en/Consumer/Products/Super8/Super8-camera/default.htm



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