Deardorff is not yet done.

CatLabs of JP is bringing spare parts back for now...


If you have been shooting large format film for a while you have probably seen or used a Deardorff camera. Laben F. Deardorff had been a camera repairman for nearly 30 years before making the first 8×10 Deardorff. But after a long history of making cameras it fell into different management and soon it was “relaunched”. But problems came pretty fast as seen in this forum thread.

After that some quiet time CatLabs of JP has launched spares on their site and promised more good news regarding the legendary Chicago brand. We hope the brand can come back and have a great future in the large format market.

We will keep informing as the news develope.

***Update: Some readers have shown concerns with stock being real and ready to ship. CatLabs of JP sent The Daily Grain a picture of their stock with the following quote:

“this is our deardorff shelve, where we have 2 V8 cameras waiting to be restored and all kinds of other Deardorff parts, new and used…”

Deardorff stock ©Catlabs of JP

A video showing the “new” Deardorff cameras that were made up to date by the last owner.



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