What happened to T-Max 100 in 120?


If you are a big Kodak T-Max 100 fan you must have missed the 120 version of this film for over a year. A while ago Kodak changed something to the medium format version and there started the problems. First we started seeing people on forums asking what had they done wrong to get backing paper numbers in their skies. Users guessed it was wrong developing, humidity, bad conservation, film heating, expired film but not too long into it Kodak started taking guilt* about the emulsion having some problem with the backing paper and would exchange your film for new film. But first the way to organize returns was to me not easy. You had to shoot the film, develop and scan in order to send the files to Kodak. Then with a proper batch number (certain runs where ok) they would send you good film. We always thought that with the batch number they should know if it was affected and exchange your film or return your money. But after a while T-Max disappeared from the stores and after all this time we wrote Kodak and got a answer.


“There was a technical problem related to the unique attributes of T-Max 100 and the 120 film backing paper that we have now resolved.   Sorry it took so long, but the testing was pretty rigorous, and I hope you can appreciate that we would rather err on the side of protecting our B&W film customers.   We will be resuming production of 120 format T-Max 100 in November.”

So finally by next month we’ll be seeing T-Max back in stock and will be able to shoot as much of it as we like. Do make sure to shoot and develop a test roll just in case it’s still not fixed and you get bad results from important work.

*We have also seen this problem on Ektar, T-Max 400 and some Portra! Be careful.


  1. “If you are a big Kodak T-Max 100 fan you must of missed the 120 version of this film for over a year”

    Must of??? Really guys??

    Must HAVE…. not Must Of…
    Proof read!

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