New Chamonix F2 4×5


Chinese large format manufacturer has recently upgraded their famous 45F-1 camera to the 45F-2. The main point being a double knob on the front frame that adds separate locks. One lock will control rise and fall and the other one tilt. Before this the 45F-1 has one lock that controlled both movements. It still has two locks under the main front frame to confirm a perfect alignment with the back standard.

The dimensions of the 45F-2 when folded are 208 x 182 x 92 mm (approx.8.2 x 7.2 x 3.6 in). The 45F-2 weighs 1600 grs (3.52 lb).

The 45F-2 comes in black finished metal and your choice of wood–either teak or cherry.  The camera can be ordered with a standard bellows in either black or red, or a universal bellows in either black or red. Also camera comes without a fresnel screen but can be added at factory or later with a kit.

Specs for the 45F-2 are:

Accessories  focus hood, lens shade, etc.
Bellows Maximum  395 mm

 52 mm

Movements Front  Rise : 45 mm
 Fall  : 30 mm
 shift : 20 mm
 Tilt   : limited by bellows
 Swing: limited by bellows
 Rear  Tilt : 20 degree backwards, forwards limited by bellows
 Swing : 20 degree total
 Shift  : none
 Weight   Teak  : 3.52 lb/1600 grs.
Cherry : About same weight as the teak wood camera.
 Comes with  : ground glass with intensify screen, carbon fiber GG
protector, camera wrap.




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