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Welcome everyone, its 2017 and the film photography community is growing daily. New emulsions, new cameras and other many exciting things are popping up everywhere. A decade ago internet was still very young and photography publications where starting to get into the new world. As digital came pushing film away we have seen a huge amount of sites cover all the latest and greatest innovations concerning pixels.

But since us film shooters have been very stubborn we have kept our gear and pushed the community back to positive numbers. But still most sites still barely cover news and reviews on our new old cameras. Some do it just for the trend, some try new approaches. And this site plans to make something sustainable for the future to come.

Here at The Daily Grain we want to make a open site that will embrace not only our own content but bring to your attention others work that is worth mentioning. As always asking for proper permission and giving proper credit.

We want to create the home page for of us film users, and build a community that respects each other and other kinds of photography, because we are not alone and we will need to spread our passion for the medium with anyone wanting to start or pickup film again.

As a first post in this new site I hope in years to come we can come back to this message and feel proud of the work we have done. But it will only happen with everyone’s support which we hope we can earn.


The Daily Grain team!


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