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Tetenal Lineup

Ever since I heard of Tetenal going into insolvency I have done all I have been able to make everybody aware of all the products they make. So far my luck hasn't been the best as they have been focused on bigger distribution but I was lucky to find a few PDFs that should help.

First Look at the New Ektachrome

Benj Haisch was one of the beta testers for the newly released Kodak Ektachrome, in this video he shows some of his results.

Why is Ektachrome so important

We have all been expecting Kodak to drop Ektachrome in the market for two years and now after an infinite amount of teasers we have it at most stores and soon everywhere, but there is so much more to the fact that Kodak has reinvented their slide film. And dont expect it to be an exact copy of the...

MiNT InstantKon RF70 Hands On

As MiNT is sending the first units of the new InstantKon RF70 Marco from Analog Things does a first impressions video with some example of what the camera can do. This new camera shoot the popular Instax Wide made by Fujifilm and is the best option out there for manual operation.

Tetenal Insolvency

We all have heard of Tetenal products. But what we didn't expect is that they would need to declare insolvency to reorganize and keep going in 2018. The first of October managing director Daniel Middendorf has submitted an application for a reorganization under insolvency protection for the company at the district court of Norderstedt. "For years, Tetenal has been under pressure to...

PhotoPlus Expo in NYC closed yesterday, how did analog fair this year?

2017 is the 8th consecutive year i have been visiting the PhotoPlus Expo (PPE) in NYC. The show is the largest US dedicated photography trade show, and it takes place every year in downtown Manhattan. Over the years, the show has changed, attendance waned and focus of the exhibitors shifted. This year, there were at least 3 massage stations, 3 makeup...

Taiyo Onorato + Nico Krebs – Continental Drift

The work of Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs is an enchanting mix of fiction and documentary. This video gives some brief background to their latest book "Continental Drift" which was nominated for the Deutsche Börse photography prize in 2017.

Silberra new emulsions coming from Russia

2017 has been a great years for film users. We have seen big announcements like JCH Streetpan in 120, Bergger Pancro in 135 and 120 and so many others. But before we end the year a newly named* company called Silberra has dropped a crowdfunding campaign to fund their new films**. Yes multiple emulsions are being produced by them you...

How the Walker 4×5 camera is made.

If you have ever been curious here is a video showing the steps to build a Walker 4x5 camera.  

Where is the Kodak Super 8?

CES 2016, Kodak announces a new Super 8 camera and everyone goes crazy. They keep showing the new camera and announce Ektachrome will be back too in Super 8. The details where that we would have two editions, a limited edition in gray or a standard edition in black or white. They gave prices at around $2,000 and said...